When it was time to think about querying agents, I didn’t know much about the process, so I began investigating how it works. Taking the time to understand how to query before sending them out paid off. I was able to target agents who I knew would be a good fit. There is a treasure trove of information out there! Use it to your advantage. I’m eternally grateful for such awesome resources, and I’m always happy to share what I know with other writers. Below is a list of websites that I found helpful: – Agent Janet Reid runs this amazing blog on querying. Read her comments. Straight up? She knows what she’s talking about. 🙂 – This site is a virtual gift to writers. Explore it to find all kinds of helpful tips, from agent information to tutorials on plot. They feature contests, webinars, and interviews. Check it out! – Here you can find agents listed by what genres they represent, how they prefer to be queried, and there’s even a comment section where authors can communicate with one another on the status of their queries. – This blog is run by Jessica Faust of BookEnds Literary Agency. She provides an inside look at the life of an agent while offering helpful tips for writers, in a helpful, honest way. — Chasing the Crazies is

one of my favorites. Author Amy Trueblood runs this blog,
and quite honestly, I owe her a debt of gratitude. She features a series titled “First Five Frenzy,” in which agents reveal what they look for in those immensely important first five pages, along with a ton of other helpful stuff.

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